This is the homepage for the MNGeye-X project.

This project is intended as a cross-platform (Delphi/Kylix) development of MNGeye, the world's first MNG viewer for Windows. Donated by Triple-T to the open-source community, to further the development of this package and to serve as a testbed for a VCL -> CLX conversion, and of course to promote the MNG animation standard!

There are no downloads available yet, as the project is still in its initial planning stage. Though some work is already available through CVS. (pre-CLX version at 2002/10/13)

The conversion will also add libmng as the primary MNG/JNG/PNG-decoder, but the original decoder/encoder (written completely in object-pascal) will be retained.

More info on MNG can be found on the MNG Homepage, maintained by Greg Roelofs: